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Chocolate prices keep rising, but that’s not stopping Americans from buying
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 11, 2023


Dorothy’s Candies has been hand-making chocolate treats since 1947
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 3, 2024

Taste the Difference in Dorothy's Candies!

Dorothy’s Candies has been creating pure Swiss chocolates, with hand-crafting, in the Pittsburgh area for over 75 years.


Do you have any questions or suggestions? Email us at or call 800-676-5793.

How is Dorothy's Chocolate Made?

Whether you’re purchasing Dorothy’s for a chocolately gift, or smuggling them away for yourself, Dorothy’s Swiss chocolate charm is unique in the world of chocolate.

What our customers are saying......

“When I am back in my hometown of McKeesport, I always make it a priority to stop in Dorothy’s- great service, great products, and a steadfast reputation. I order via the internet a lot of times and my candy is here within a few days. What’s not to like?”

— Anon., Lebanon, Pennsylvania

“Dorothy’s is the best chocolate I have ever had. Any time I am in the Irwin area I stop by. I live in CT and always order for a holiday treat. My favorite are the cashew clusters. This year I tried the chocolate covered Oreos also. I loved them. Fresh cookies with a very thick coating of milk chocolate. Yum! The only problem I had was I couldn’t stop eating them! You will never go wrong getting chocolates from Dorothy’s.”

— Wendy, Shelton, Connecticut


Dorothy's Candies will improve your organization's profits! Our fundraising pretzels are very popular!


Gift Baskets and Other Gift Ideas

We offer a wonder gift baskets speciallly suited to the season. Our baskets are awesome!


Wedding Favors

Dorothy's Candies offers hand-crafted favors in pure Swiss chocolate -- many are hand-painted as well.


Candies—All Season

Dorothy's candies are always gourmet -- packed at Dorothy's with love and care.


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