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“When I am back in my hometown of McKeesport, I always make it a priority to stop in Dorothy’s- great service, great products, and a steadfast reputation. I order via the internet a lot of times and my candy is here within a few days. What’s not to like?”

Anonymous, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

``I bought this`{`gift basket`}` for my sister who just came out of the hospital. She said the basket was beautiful and the candy delicious. Highly recommended!``

Renee D., Bristol, Rhode Island

``The customers absolutely look forward to getting a Christmas gift from me, and whenever they see me all year long, they say they can’t wait to get some of that delicious Dorothy’s Candies.``

—Nadine Zini, Marketing Coordinator, KU Resources, Duquesne, Pennsylvania

``Dorothy's is the best chocolate I have ever had. Any time I am in the Irwin area I stop by. I live in CT and always order for a holiday treat. My favorite are the cashew clusters. This year I tried the chocolate covered Oreos also. I loved them. Fresh cookies with a very thick coating of milk chocolate. Yum! The only problem I had was I couldn't stop eating them! You will never go wrong getting chocolates from Dorothy's.``

—Wendy, Shelton, Connecticut

Dorothy Candies’ chocolates are my go-to holiday gift for my clients - because people LOVE them. One year a client whose office had moved sent me three different change-of-address forms because she wanted to make triple-sure that the candies didn’t end up at the wrong place! They are delicious (especially the chocolate-covered potato chips), locally-made, easy to order and very reasonably priced. Mmmmmm.``

—Albert S. Lee, Esquire, Tucker Arensberg Attorneys, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

``I was involved in a project where we traveled to several chocolate factories in the Northeast (Taza, Lake Champlain, Sanders, etc.) and in my opinion, Dorothy's has the best tasting chocolate! The quality of pieces that they produce in milk and dark are consistently fresh and ``snap`` just like good chocolate should. The hidden gem of White Oak, PA I suppose! The assorted milk and dark chocolate box was excellent! A little ashamed to say that I ate the entire thing by myself. I plan on giving them as gifts during the holidays. There was something in there to satisfy every kind of chocolate lover! For the quality, the prices seem to compare to its high-end competitors so the price for the assorted box was appropriate. Can't wait to get my hands (mouth?) on one of their chocolate pizzas that I keep hearing about! Dorothy’s makes client gift giving so easy. The service is superb, the chocolates are amazing, and our clients always rave.``

—Melody P. Naperville, Illinois

``A friend of mine sent me two boxes of candy from your store... nuts and assorted. We were very pleased with the quality and would like to know if you could send us some information concerning whether or not you take orders that could be shipped out from your establishment for gifts on special occasions throughout the year? I would appreciate it if you would send me some information.``

—Marie Huss, Executive, First National Bank of PA, North Huntingdon, PA

``Thank you for the delicious fun and hospitality of our visit to Dorothy's. You are obviously the best kept secret in White Oak. We had fun telling family and friends about your operations. I'll take the word to our church, scout troop and our non-profit agency. Again, thank you.``

—Mary H., Boynton Beach, FL

``You were so kind to make a special delivery on Mother's Day to my mother-in-law, Sally. She loves the dark chocolate creams that we got from you. We realized that we ordered late (on Saturday) and had no expectation of getting them there for Mother's Day. You exceeded our expectations! Thank you, thank you. Of course, your wonderful products and great service will inspire us to shop with you in the future! And tell our relatives (back in PA) to patronize you!``

—Clara S., Jasper, AL

``For years and years, I have been honored with your delicious chocolates. Mrs. Joseph S. is kind enough to give me a box on birthdays and holidays. Never have I tasted more delicious candy, and what a great mixture! Forget all the so-called great chocolates in this world -- I'll take Dorothy's every time!!``

—Diane Del Signore, Oakland, CA

Dorothy's Candies recently received a phone call from Harry Lanauze, Jr. of Knoxville, TN. Here’s what Harry had to say: “I just received the `{`Tuskegee Gold`}` chocolates yesterday – Now I have left two gold bars of the most delicious chocolates I ever got in my life. It’s great that you at Dorothy’s Candies are representing the Tuskegee Airmen. To actually do it and put this together is total respect for my Dad and all the other fellow Tuskegee Airmen. I’m a sensitive kind of man. When I got this through the mail, I teared up. I’m so proud of my Dad -- 85 years old, still lives in McKeesport, and still practicing medicine!”

—Harry's father, Harry Lanauze, MD of McKeesport, was a proud member of the Tuskegee Airmen, WWII flying aces. Dr. Lanauze is still practicing medicine in McKeesport, PA.


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