Taste the Difference in Dorothy's Candies!

Dorothy’s Candies has been creating pure Swiss chocolates, with hand-crafting, in the Pittsburgh area for over 75 years. Our fine chocolate is rich and creamy — kissed with just the right hint of vanilla — unparalleled! In fact, from the minute you open a box of our fine chocolates, the amazing aroma will uplift you to an experience of delight.


Why hand-crafted? Dorothy’s rich, Swiss chocolates have more chocolate — with more chocolate and richer chocolate in each and every bite. Plus, our elegant Swiss chocolate requires special handling – not a task that even acres of machines can accomplish! Our thick layer of fine chocolate has the tell-tale snap of great chocolates — tempered by hand for the perfect texture and taste. Creating beautiful hand-crafted chocolates means each piece is unique — every box is one-of-a-kind. As with a fine wine, Dorothy’s Candies’ flavor resonates. The deep cocoa flavor lingers, with no sugary aftertaste.


Dorothy’s deluxe assortment features real fruit pieces such as our cherry cordials, fresh nut clusters — with chunks of real nuts you can see and chew — and fudgy centers we make with our own recipes.With Dorothy’s, there’s no need to put your thumb up the bottom to eliminate those sloyingly sweet, fatty confections.  We don’t make those things! All of our cream centers are made by hand on our premises by our experienced Chocolatiers with Dorothy’s own secret recipes. Yum!


We Stand Behind Our Product


We are gratified that so many people rave about Dorothy’s Candies. Dorothy’s hand-crafted chocolates are so delicious that we feel confident that “one bite and you’ll know”. This is why Dorothy’s customers choose Dorothy’s year after year.


If you find a problem with your order, we will gladly rectify it. Simply call us or e-mail us, and we’ll correct any mistake on our part promptly and courteously.


1228 Long Run Rd, White Oak, PA 15131